DataX is a part of SCB Group subsidiaries that transforms into SCBX. The group aims to become a regional financial technology group spanning a variety of financial businesses and platforms and laying the groundwork for an evolving global context.

The move will ready the Group for entry into the emerging competitive arena and propel the firm as a regional financial technology conglomerate by 2025, and big data analytics is a key to success.

As a part of SCBX mothership company,


making data more accessible and easy to understand while optimizing cost and also adaptable to the world's rapid change while maintaining ethics.

DataX is intended to be SCBX’s central place for data, analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and other data-technology capabilities, and with that, to serve as a growth enabler to SCBX Group's Companies.

Our Story

DataX was established by the SCBX group to empower the group companies with AI and Big Data Technologies to optimize their business and better serve their customers.

We observe customers’ activities and behaviors across diverse actions and interactions that reflect their daily life and lifetime events. We can identify immediate needs at the right time and recommend the right products, solutions and activities to them.

Our Promise

Like the gigantic whale that whirls in the vast oceans and filter-feeds from a huge amount of water, DataX is sifting through many data sources and a huge amount of data to create the wisdom required for driving large, complex and long-lasting endeavors.

This intelligence can fuel and energize many initiatives to leap ahead and become the whale in their realm. DataX promises a giant leap of intelligence to its customers so they can understand and serve their audiences better.

Our Brandmark

The whale is a creature that gets its energy from filter feeding a large amount of water. In the same way, DataX creates value from a large amount of data. The jump of this enormous animal displays our vision to fight the rules of gravity to display insights long lost in the ocean of information.

The curly form of the whale and the wave are also part of the infinity sign which symbolizes a strive to reach unknown frontiers and provide unimaginable values.

The whale and the wave make the X which is the multipliers of energy DataX will create from data. These actions will leave waves of influence even after the whale has joined the depths.

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