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Executive Assistant Apply Now
Support role in organizing and coordinating executive outreach for the Chief Scientist as well as drive and support the interactions of the team members.
Generative AI Applied Scientist (Senior/Lead Level) Apply Now
Generative AI Applied Scientist (Senior/Lead Level) will be responsible for developing and implementing state-of-the-art generative models for a variety of applications, which could be including natural language processing, computer vision, or automation system but not limited to. You will work closely with a team of data scientists, ML/AI engineers, and researchers to deliver high-quality and innovative practical AI solutions.
Senior Data Scientist Apply Now
Data Scientist will be responsible for Build state of the art models and algorithms and deploy analytical solutions to support operations and business decisions and Work with Engineering teams to implement end-to-end process from model development to testing, validation, deployment and lifecycle support. 


Head of Audit Apply Now
The Head of Audit will be responsible for overseeing the company's internal audit function. This role works acts as third line of defense and works closely with senior management and the Audit Committee to provide independent assurance that the company's operations are sound and that risks are managed effectively.


Project Management Officer Apply Now
The PMO team will drive the key strategic initiatives and projects for the Company and Group. These projects could be specific to the growth of the Company and/or could be Group-wide projects that drive specific solutions to meet SCBX’s mission. The PMO team could work across all functions and subsidiaries within the SCBX Group.

Innovation Lab

Cloud Solution Architect/Data Architect Apply Now
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Head of Innovation Apply Now
The Head of Innovation will be responsible for driving the innovation of our Data & AI Platform. This role involves leading the ideation and prototyping of new AI and Data products throughout the company and group. Additionally, you will collaborate closely with our partners, ecosystem, and the executive team to identify strategic opportunities. You will also lead cross-functional teams in developing and implementing innovative solutions.
Lead, Innovation Lab (AI Products) Apply Now
About Team & Role The Lead, Innovation Lab will drive our AI innovation lab be responsible for driving innovation of our AI Platform as well as lead the ideation and prototyping of new AI products across the company and group. The Lead, Innovation Lab will work closely with our partners and ecosystem as well as the executive team to identify strategic opportunities and lead cross-functional teams to develop and implement innovative solutions that will drive growth, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency.
Senior DevOps Engineer Apply Now
The Sr. DevOps engineer will be a part of a cross-functional team responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining reliable, scalable, and secure data platform and machine learning infrastructure in an enterprise environment.


Customer Service Operations Manager Apply Now
We are seeking a visionary and tech-savvy leader to build and manage our entire customer service function from the ground up. As the Operations Manager, you will be responsible for crafting the overarching strategy, selecting, and implementing technology, and leading a high-performing customer service team. You'll drive operational excellence, leverage AI-powered solutions like bots, and ensure exceptional customer experiences.
Senior Functional Analyst Apply Now
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Senior Process Engineer Apply Now
The role of a process engineering under Operations in DataX involves designing and implementing cross-team data-driven processes that optimize business operations, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences.
Senior Project Manager Apply Now
Project Manager will be responsible for the overall project or multiple workstreams including project plan, objectives, scope, budget, work schedule, design & build, and contractual deliverables, and that it meets with the business requirements and Coordinate and facilitate with related parties to support teams to design, develop, test, and maintain on cloud platforms and ensure the project implementation timeline meets with the business needs


Head of Products Apply Now
Head of Products will be responsible for leading our product teams and driving the development of our data and AI products. You will work closely with our customers as well as our engineering, data science and business teams to understand needs, develop product strategies, and execute on our product roadmap.
Lead Product Manager (Data and AI) Apply Now
Lead Product Manager (Data and AI) will be responsible for leading the development and management of data and AI products that will deliver exceptional value to our customers. You will work closely with individuals with different skills including developers, designers, data scientists, as well as other teams to drive product vision, strategy, partnerships, sales and execution.
Product Manager/Product Owner Apply Now
The Product Manager/Product Owner will be responsible for the DATAx product team, which drives the development of data, analytics, and AI products for the entire SCB X group. The product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, cross-source customer intelligence, an experimental platform-as-a-service, and an automated underwriting solution.

Risk Management

Business Continuity Lead Apply Now
Business Continuity Lead will be responsible for Develop, implement and maintain comprehensive business continuity plans, ensuring critical functions can continue during and after disruptions, Conduct business impact assessments (BIA) to identify potential risks, prioritize critical processes, and develop appropriate recovery strategies and Perform risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate potential impacts, and recommend risk mitigation measures
Compliance Analyst Apply Now
Compliance Analyst will be responsible for Provide expert compliance advice and guidance on regulatory matters, ensuring adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and industry best practices.
Data Policy Lead Apply Now
Data Policy Lead will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating the Data Governance framework, policies, and standards for the entire bank. This includes data privacy controls, data access, data usage, data classification, data lifecycle management, cross-border transfers, data exchange with third-party partners, business metadata, data stewardship, and data quality management.
Data Policy Specialist Apply Now
Data Policy Specialist will be responsible for Develop, maintain and operate Data Governance framework, policy and standards for bank-wide including data privacy control, data access, data usage, data classification, data lifecycle management, cross-border transfer, data exchange with third-party partners, business metadata, data stewardship and data quality management.
Data Privacy Specialist Apply Now
Data Privacy Specialist will be responsible for provide support, advice, and guidance to the business units regarding compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (the PDPA) and other data protection laws as required. Also, your responsibility is to ensure that the rights and freedoms of the data subjects are fully respected
IT Risk & Security Controls Specialist Apply Now
IT Risk & Security Controls Specialist will be responsible for Identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with technology infrastructure, systems, and processes, Evaluate vulnerabilities, design and implement controls to protect against threats and Coordinate with Security and IT teams to ensure the implementation of security controls and measures.
Legal Counsel Apply Now
We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our Legal & Compliance team. You will provide support Head, Legal & Compliance and contribute to various legal matters. You will work closely with business, risk and and other legal professionals to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, manage contracts, and assist in resolving legal issues. This role presents an excellent opportunity to work and grow in a fast paced environment of a data and AI company.
Legal Intern Apply Now
We are seeking the highly motivated and detail-oriented Legal legal interns to join our team. This internship provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in various aspects of legal practice as in-house counsel. You will work closely with experienced legal professionals on real-world legal matters.
Metadata Specialist Apply Now
The Data Quality & Metadata Officer is involved in ensuring data quality standards are implemented and practiced across the enterprise. Through the Data Quality Index (DQI) and dashboard, the main role of the Data Quality Officer is to create data quality measurement, monitor and analyze data quality issues and identify solutions to enable a healthy data-oriented culture at an enterprise level via working with business Data Stewards, Data Engineers, and Technology teams.
Model Risk Management Manager Apply Now
Model Risk Management Manager will be responsible for Develop and implement a comprehensive AI/ML model risk management framework, policies, and procedures, Assess and evaluate the risk associated with AI/ML models, including model development, validation, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify potential risks and ensure appropriate controls and governance are in place.
Risk Change Specialist Apply Now
Risk Change Specialist will be responsible for exposed to new ways of working, new risk management techniques, complex business model, and a collegial working environment.
Risk Management Specialist Apply Now
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and analyse the risks, Monitor and report key risk indicators (KRIs), Maintain awareness of control catalogues from ISO27001, PDPA, BoT.
Risk Reporting Specialist Apply Now
Risk Reporting Specialist will be responsible for Conduct thorough analysis of financial and operational data to identify potential risks and trends, Work with Risk Management and other stakeholders to design and generate regular risk reports, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and relevance for various stakeholders and Monitor regulatory requirements and ensure risk reports adhere to industry standards and compliance guidelines.
Risk Strategy & Change Lead / Manager Apply Now
In this role, you will be exposed to new ways of working, new risk management techniques, complex business model, and a collegial working environment., Click Apply to see full details.


Cloud Infrastructure Engineer (Mid - Senior level) Apply Now
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for Designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining organization infrastructure systems such as system integration, servers, and internal systems and Providing technical assistance and facilitating employees and project teams to achieve the goal(s).
Data Operations Engineer Apply Now
The Data Operations Engineer will be responsible for operating and managing the data on DataX company. Duties will include integration of SCBX data to our platform ensuring quality, integrity, and accuracy. In addition, you will analyze issues related to each event. You will also be working closely with cross-functional teams such as the Data Engineer team.
Data QA Engineer (Mid - Lead) Apply Now
Data QA Engineer will be responsible for own the QA data engineering role throughout each project and be responsible for data quality, Ensure the quality and consistency of test scoping, planning execution, and reporting. Participating in design reviews and providing input on requirements, product design, and potential problems.
Lead, Data Engineer Apply Now
Senior Data Engineer will be responsible for Design, build, administer and scale data processing pipelines (batch/streaming) from structured/semi-structured/unstructured types of data sources, Improve scalability, stability, accuracy, speed and efficiency of current data systems.
Technology Governance Specialist Apply Now
About Team & Role We are seeking a highly skilled and detail-oriented Technology Governance Specialist to join our Technology Group. In this critical role, you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining effective technology governance frameworks, policies, and procedures. You will work closely with cross-functional teams, technology leaders, and stakeholders to ensure technology implementation align with company standards and regulations. The ideal candidate has a strong background in technology governance, regulatory compliance, and familiarity with standards specific to the financial services sector.
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